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Air Ambulance services in Dallas & Houston Texas

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Easy Wheelchair Transportation in Dallas with Air Medical Ambulance

Medical transportation services have been dedicated to saving lives for more than a decade by offering a wide range of services that also include air transportation for patients who require immediate and definitive care. Studies indicate that patients who are transferred to the hospital via helicopter ambulance have higher survival rates compared to those who are being transferred via road routes.

Therefore, if you or someone you know has suffered severe injuries, you must consider hiring an air medical ambulance in Dallas TX. Apart from higher survival rates, air medical transportations have several other advantages which include:

Access to Remote Areas

Patients in remote areas with poor transport network can be quickly and easily transferred to a medical facility via air medical ambulance. A number of people get injured while trying adventure sports in remote areas such as mountainous areas, etc. It might become difficult for a normal ambulance to reach the place, but an air ambulance can easily reach any area and rescue the injured person. Moreover, the air ambulance crew are highly trained so that they can land anywhere.

Quick Transportation

The quicker a patient is transported to a medical facility, the higher will be the survival rate. This is true in the case of traumatic incidents. By hiring an air ambulance, you can skip the road congestion and reach the hospital quickly. Moreover, air ambulances are capable of wheelchair transportation in Dallas. Therefore patients in any condition can be transported quickly and easily.

Doctors Can Be Transferred to Desired Locations

In the case of natural calamities such as earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. it might not be possible to transport everyone (the victims of the calamity) to the hospital; in such cases, the doctors can easily reach the patients via air ambulance with all the necessary medical devices and supports. The roads often get blocked when natural calamities occur, so that an air ambulance can be of immense help.


In contrary to what many people might think, hiring an air ambulance can be cost-effective, especially if you have to cover a long distance. Not only does the cost increase of you have to travel long distances, the chances of survival also sreduces considerably; therefore it is always best to choose air medical transportation.

However, as with any other service, you need to choose an air medical transportation service that has been well known for its level of service. The service provider you choose must have a large fleet of air ambulances and must be able to react promptly. Moreover, the crew must be highly trained and well equipped to handle critical care patients. Hence, it is important that you perform thorough research before hiring an air medical transportation service.

Research on the Internet and get references from people who have used such services. Remember, the level of services provided by each service provider differs to a great extent; therefore you need to hire one that suits your personal requirements. Talk to the company directly and ask about the services provided and the respective costs and take a wise decision. Every second count when it comes to trauma or critical care, so it is important that you take the best decision.

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