Reasons To Use Private Ambulance Service In San Antonio TX And Miami FL

A person who is unable to move quickly or is ill and weak certainly needs some sort of assistance after being released by the hospital. Elderly citizens also find it difficult to visit the facilities when it is time to go for their monthly checkups. They are often unable to drive themselves with friends and family members not finding enough time to take them for routine examinations or therapy sessions. No worries! Calling for non emergency medical transport in Jacksonville and Tampa FL can set all anxieties rest by providing an effective solution.

While dialing 911 becomes imperative in an emergency situation, people who need to visit the health care centers for problems that do not require immediate intervention or treatment often find it beneficial to call for a private ambulance that operate both within and outside the city limits. Sure, there are numerous numbers advertised for private ambulance services but a patient may fail to understand its significance many a time.

It suffices to know that the non medical transportation services bridge the gap between the public health services and the specific requirement of the patients. It might be a good idea to learn about the kind of services provided by the private fleets of ambulances in order to make use of them as and when required.

When should one use a private, non medical transport?

  • For visiting a particular professional– Patients are usually treated by a single doctor when the complaint is not too severe or it happens to be a long standing issue. The specialist doctors are usually not tied to a particular facility and happen to be affiliated to multiple facilities dedicating a few hours of their time to each.  Visiting a medical pro who has shifted to another facility, not quite near one’s home can disadvantage the patient. A private ambulance can definitely be a Godsend here as it will carry the patient to the concerned facility even when it happens to be far away.
  • Inability to drive– Patients who are unable to drive themselves with no one to assist them at times of need can depend on a private ambulance service. The vehicles used to provide ambulance service in San Antonio TX and Miami FLare equipped to help the patients on wheelchairs by supporting them with special mobility aids. Patients who have been discharged from hospitals can also avail of this service for reaching home. Taking a patient for diagnostic tests and therapies and returning them back to their home is an advantage that makes life easier for patients who have no other means of transportation available.

Although the private transportations are not meant to be used during emergencies, yet the vehicles come equipped with oxygen cylinders and a few basics for helping the patient if necessary. The ambulances also have a trained paramedic traveling with the patient who can help to keep the patient stabilized by providing first aid and required medications.


Emergency Travel With Air Medical In Austin and Houston TX

Having to travel with an ill family member is stressful. Unfortunately, traversing long distances with a sick individual becomes imperative for availing the best medical assistance. Sure, there are ambulances around that can be summoned within minutes. However, people often feel frantic when a loved one is injured or sick while vacationing in a far flung location that happens to be thousands of miles away from the best facilities. Requesting an air ambulance in Miami and Orlando FL is the only way out in such circumstances.

Simply choosing a service because it happens to be available is not the only criteria for engaging the said company though. One needs to entrust the patient to the care of the personnel associated with the aircraft service as well. It is best to check out the facts and get the opinions of other people who have used the same company for emergency and non emergency transfers on account of health. Time is definitely of essence when it concerns obtaining the right treatment for the patient but one shouldn’t be too eager to begin the journey without considering the pros and cons involved with the long air travel necessary for carrying the patient.

Guidelines for choosing an air transport company

1.Qualifications- While it may not be possible to inquire about the qualifications of the pilot, checking the accreditation of the air travel company providing medical transportation is a necessity. Every professional company will have the required accreditation and certificates to prove their competence. The patient party may not always understand what the certificates convey but having the required qualification makes the company reliable and safe to travel with.

2.Patient Care- Travelling for hours at a stretch can cause the patient to feel fatigued and uncomfortable. It is essential for the company to cater to the needs of the patient and have the necessary equipment handy to make the patient totally comfortable for the duration of the flight. Most of the professional aircrafts are configured for carrying patients without inconveniencing them either. There is bound to be a comfortable bed on board along with portable oxygen cylinders, feeding tubes, catheters and the facility of a bathroom on the airplane.

3.Safety- However, safety comes first always! It is best to remain convinced about it by asking for details of the company safety procedures before hiring it. Quality companies will have no qualms in answering the questions put forth by the prospective clients though. Qualification of the pilot and care givers on board plus the emergency procedures and ‘privacy standards’ are all likely to be discussed in detail with the clients prior to finalizing the deal.

Fortunately, not every patient requires constant monitoring and care during the course of travel via air medical in Austin and Houston TX. Sure, an ill and infirm patient may require assistance with moving around or use of specific equipment for the entire duration of the flight. It would be best to consider using a commercial flight with trained medical staff in tow in such instances, however.

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When to use private ambulance service in Houston and Miami

The most renowned ambulances in the United States are the EMS or Emergency Medical Services who reply to emergencies made by calls to 911. Apart from this, there are other ambulances as well that are operated by private companies which offer services that are more flexible than what Emergency Medical Services offer. The best thing about private ambulance service in Houston and Miami is that they will take patients to any health care facility of their choice. Almost all hospitals are compelled to accept patients from public as well as private ambulances.

Private ambulances usually have personnel qualified in emergency medical services. There should be one emergency medical technician in addition to medical equipment on board the vehicle. Usually, public ambulance services usually reply to 911 calls and private providers perform discharge, interfacility and other scheduled, non-emergency transports. The rate of private ambulance services is reliant on the type of transport, such as non-emergency vs. emergency, BLS or ALS care administered and total distance traveled. Listed below are the points that explain when one should use private ambulance services:

  • Private ambulances take the place of Emergency Medical Services when patients need a definite hospital.
  • In case the doctor is affiliated with another hospital that is not close to where the patient has to be picked up from, then the patient can call for a private ambulance to bring them to the chosen hospital.
  • Patients with specific conditions that need them to feel at ease while traveling to clinics or treatment centers can contact private ambulance services. It is important to keep in mind that ordinary private vehicles usually do not have the necessary convenience, space, and medical assistant who can offer care and attention to the requirements of certain patients.
  • Patients who are not able to drive or have no one to drive them to where they want to go, can get in touch with a private service because these services are the ones that cater to this type of requirement.
  • The non emergency medical transport in Jacksonville and Tampa FL or the private ambulances pick up patients from healthcare facilities when they are discharged after treatment and bring them home. They also transfer patients to and from the nursing homes.
  • In addition to this, private services can offer services outside of the city as Emergency Medical Services are not allowed to do.
  • Certain companies need on duty ambulances for their employees particularly when there are events outside their offices. At times, big events and celebrations with numerous guests also hire the services of private ambulances on reserve just in case of emergencies.

Apart from all these, private ambulance services are equipped with the basic equipment for basic life support, with paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and a specially-qualified driver who is always ready to transport patients that requires urgent attention. They also have wheelchairs, ambulettes, and other equipment required to transfer patients who are not capable to walk or move.

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Importance of Handicap Transportation In St. Petersburg And Orlando FL

Being incapable of moving around is a scenario that one dreads. Sadly, there are many disabled or seriously ill individuals who happen to be mobility challenged either permanently or for a short period of time. Transporting them to and fro medical facilities for checkups or for specific therapies can definitely be a problem with their loved ones feeling lost. It might be the right time to call for private, non emergency medical services and request a specific vehicle that is fitted with a wheelchair lift or ramp so that the concerned individual can be taken to the doctor as and when needed.

The thought of having to bear huge expenses does cross one’s mind especially when there is a dire need for handicap transportation in St. Petersburg and Orlando FL, However, there are several private ambulance services who offer affordable rates along with the provision of a personal care giver travelling in the vehicle with the patient in order to minimize inconveniencing the patient during the transit.

However, the patient may have to be transported to a distant hospital at times when even the swiftest road transportation proves to be inadequate. There is absolutely no reason to fret though for the possibility of transportation via air medical in Tampa FL and San Antonio TX can be considered as well. Sure, air travel can be much more expensive than traveling in an ambulance that makes its way to the concerned hospital by road. However, time can be of essence when the patient is critically ill or has fallen ill in a far off land with no medical services available nearby.

While there are provisions for the patient to travel by commercial flights with many airlines agreeing to transfer a patients, these flights usually cater to ordinary passengers and may not have special medical equipment on board for providing urgent medical care. Moreover, a team of paramedics as well as special seating or lying arrangement needs to be made on board the aircraft where the airplane seat can be transformed into a hospital bed during the interim period. That is not all though. There are several other advantages of utilizing an air ambulance for transferring a patient when the nearest medical facility happens to be thousands of miles away.

 Benefits of Hiring an Air Medical Transportation

  • Less Time Consuming – Transferring a severely ill patient or one who has been injured to a medical center that can take proper care becomes easier when the family or friends can arrange for air transport. Travelling by air is definitely the best way to save time especially when the jet flies at almost the speed of sound and gets the patient safely to the destination.
  • Equipment- An air ambulance will have all the medical equipments ready for taking care of the patient midflight. From additional oxygen supply to different kinds of machines, syringes and tubes that may be required are stored and kept ready by the trained medical staff accompanying the patient.

The fight crew of an air medical transportation happens to be highly skilled and experts at carrying the patient smoothly to the medical facility while avoiding air turbulences as far as possible.